Need Your Opinion: Oct-ical Illusion

Posted by Peter Monticup on 8/3/2020 to We Need Your Opinion


Ready to give your input on another product?
A very clever way to reveal a selected card.

The selling price will probably be $9.99.
Let me show you the effect, and then using the Comments form below, please give me your feedback.


Date 8/3/2020
Shawn Allen
I like the way it reveals the card, using the jumbo card disguised inside. Especially if you have a larger group you are preforming for.
Date 8/3/2020
Interesting, but since the "prediction" is a pre-printed large card, I think the obvious idea is that the card you picked was forced on you. I don't think anyone would believe any card picked could result in a large card like the one shown. Maybe it would amaze a kid more than an adult.
Date 8/3/2020
This is one of the fun "10 buck' tricks that we all have an assortment off. The large card limits when I can present such...I mean, I'm not likely to be walking around with the big card in my pocket. However, for my elementary school volunteer shows about "Science and Magic'', this would fit in nicely into the repertoire. Also, as a simple quick hitter for groups at Halloween where the kids can be awed and moved along. I always have a table set out of science/magic stuff for the trick portion of 'trick or treat'. It sounds harsh, but the kids have to give me the treat back to see a trick. It's 'trick OR treat...not trick AND treat". Surprisingly, a lot of the kids return the candy to see the trick. Try it. Regardless, sure, I let em have the candy too. So, bottom line. I would purchase this version.
Date 8/4/2020
Mr. G.
Cute for a quick simple illusion for unsuspecting audiences or one on one events. I would imagine you can use any suit of an "8" if you modify the gimmick sleeve/card holder with removable images or have four different prediction cards. The selling price is prOCTable too!
Date 8/4/2020
Thomas M Bohacek
A very interesting way to reveal a card. As others said, will play nice with the kids.
Date 8/7/2020
Great and novel way to produce selected card. Entertaining and worth the price.

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