Fourth of July Magic Ideas

The Fourth of July is almost here!

If you are performing professionally or for friends and family, you may be looking for some patriotic-themed magic effects to use.

MAGIC TRICKS FROM THE SHOP carries a number of tricks that would be great for a Fourth of July show.
The tricks we suggest are linked below.
They include flag tricks like the MISMADE FLAG, which comes in a full size version, or a FLAG BLENDO in a small thumbtip version.
Rope magic is easy and fun, and we carry a red, white and blue set of colorblending ropes called Patriotic Ropes.
PATRIOTIC ROCKETS is a red-white-blue mentalism trick, while PATRIOTIC CUPS is a set of color Cups and Balls with the cups in red, white and blue.

Many tricks can be taken from their marketed version and made "patriotic" by switching out components for red, white or blue components.
For example, you can use a Change Bag with red, white and blue scarves.
Show the bag empty, then produce silks of red, white and blue.
Or place yellow, green and purple silks into your bag, and change them to red, white and blue.
You can also add your own flag, and change red, white and blue scarves into a flag.

Set the mood by decorating your tables and side tables with red, white or blue cloths.
You can also use red, white or blue crepe paper streamers from a party store.

You can pour red, white and blue liquids from the same pitcher. Using a pitcher of clear water (the white), pour some water into a clear cup that you have secretly prepared before hand. Just take some red food color and add a few drops to a clear cup, and let it dry. In a second cup, add a few drops of blue food color and let it dry. When you are ready to perform your trick, you line up the three clear cups next to each other. When you pour the water into the first cup, the liquid is clear. When you pour into the second cup, the liquid will be red! And of course, pouring water into the third cup will result in blue liquid. DON'T LET ANYONE DRINK THE LIQUIDS- they are for show only.
If you know the classic Slydini BALLS OVER THE HEAD effect (if not, Google it!), you can do this with crumpled up red paper, blue paper and white paper, playing up the "fact" that each color makes the paper more invisible than the next, etc. Hilarious audience participation!

Prizes are the ultimate way to get an enthusiastic reaction from your crowd.
This is the perfect opportunity to "theme" your show, by providing little prizes of flags for example, or packaged red-white-blue candies (Walmart usually has some).

It takes a bit of imagination, but you can make your Fourth of July show memorable this year!

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