Most Popular Magic Tricks
Most Popular Magic Tricks
Fabulous jewelry with a magic theme- AVAILABLE ONLY FROM US- because we make the jewelry ourselves! Designer Jackie Monticup is also a magician's assistant, and has individually handcrafted EACH PIECE of jewelry with the magician and magician's assistant in mind.

These jewelry items make perfect gifts! Beautiful to the eye, wonderful to the touch, and attention-getting when seen from stage or up close!

Jewelry - Magical

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Change the color of this ring, right on your finger!
Make your own combination of card pips to wear!
Perfect for the magician or card player!
Listen to your Conscience- will you be good- or bad?!
Ward off evil spirits with your own personal gargoyles!
Which gemstone suits your personality?
Simply turn this ring to make it shrink or grow larger!
Snow white bunnies shimmer on your ears!
The legendary magnetic ring that allows you to do so many effects!
Hot and sassy- the devil made you do it!
Hinged ring box shaped like a magician's top hat!
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