History of Magic and Magicians

Magic inventors, birthdays, celebrity magicians, trivia and more!

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Who Invented That Trick?
You've seen the tricks- now find out who invented your favorite ones

Real Names of Famous Magicians
You know their stage names- now find out their REAL names

Famous Magicians' Birthdays
Find out who shares your birthday

Gravesites of Famous Magicians
Where are they buried?

Women in Magic
Female magicians and featured female assistants

Celebrities Who Are Also Magicians
Magic is a popular hobby, even among celebrities from other professions. See who shares your interest in magic!

More Than Magicians
Famous magicians who have had accomplishments in other areas

Michael Jackson's Patent for a Magic Trick
The King of Pop made a contribution to the art of magic!

Magicians Who Appeared on the Tonight Show
These magicians all appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Johnny Carson was himself an accomplished amateur magician. As one of the most powerful people in television, Johnny Carson gave a tremendous boost to the popularity of magic by often featuring a magician on his program.

Bizarre Deaths in Magic
How some famous magicians who met an unfortunate- and unusual- end

The World's Most Dangerous Magic Trick
The effect known as the Bullet Catch has claimed the lives of at least 15 magicians, including Chung Ling Soo, a magic superstar

Magic World Records
Record-holding magicians and magic feats

Black Magicians
African American performers who found success in the world of magic

Oriental Magicians
Asian magicians or performers in Oriental character

The Magician Who Won a War
With his great knowledge of illusion, Jasper Maskelyne was able to devise ingenious- and very large scale- illusion systems that virtually made tanks invisible from the air, hid whole buildings full of ammunition and supplies, and even made an entire city vanish and reappear several miles away.

Strange But True Magic Facts
Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction! The world of magic has its share of odd facts and quirky information. Fascinating!

Did You Know? Houdini Trivia
Things you didn't know about Harry Houdini

Magicians' Famous Magic Words
Abracadabra! Hocus Pocus! Words that famous magicians used to "make the magic happen" were as varied as the magicians themselves.

Reel Magic: Magicians on Film
Real magicians who portrayed magicians in movies

Sheet Music of Famous Magicians
An interesting magic collectible- sheet music that was used by famous magicians

Magic Feuds
Professional Rivalries and Clashes

Magic Glossary
Offbeat, interesting combination of definitions and trivia