Wish List "How To"

How to manage your Wish List items
and how to share your Wish List with others

The WISH LIST is an easy way to keep track of the magic tricks that interest you.
Use it as a checklist for future purchases.
Or better yet, SHARE the list with someone who wants to buy a gift for you.
Let them know EXACTLY what you'd like, and give them a direct link to the product page!

How To Start a Wish List

LOGIN to your account
You can login from any page on our site.
Hover over the MY ACCOUNT link at the top right of any page, in the blue menu bar.
Click on LOGIN and the login page will appear.
If you don't have an account registered yet, you can do it now.
Click instead on REGISTER, and fill in your information.

How To Login

Once you are logged in, you can use the MY WISH LIST FEATURE.
See more details below on how to FIND your Wishlist, how to ADD an item, how to DELETE an item and how to SHARE your list.

How To Find Your Wish List

Once you login (see instructions above), you will be taken to your ACCOUNT page.
SCROLL DOWN to the MY WISH LIST section.

General Wish List Page Details


On the MY WISH LIST page, you can see all of the products you have added to the list.
From this page, you can click on the Product Title to go to that product page.
You can click ADD TO CART to add the product to your shopping cart.
You can DELETE the item from your list.

Your Wish List Page Details

How To Add Items To Your Wish List

Use instructions above to LOGIN to your account.
Go to the product page for the item you want to add to your list.
Click the ADD TO WISHLIST link under the Add To Cart button for that product.

How To Delete Items From Your Wish List

Use instructions above to go to MY WISHLIST page.
Click DELETE under the item you want to remove from the list.

How To Delete an Item

How To Share Your Wish List

On the MY WISH LIST page, click to make your list PUBLIC, then click SAVE.

How To Share a Wish List Page


When your wish list is PUBLIC, you will see the link to share.
Just click the COPY LINK black button.
Then open your email, and PASTE the link into a new email message.
To PASTE, just click inside your new message box, then click the CTRL and the V keys on your keyboard at the same time.
If you are on a Mac, click the COMMAND and the V keys at the same time.

The person who receives your email will be able to click the link and go right to your Wish List!
They will be able to "Add To Cart" any items, and then make the purchase- just like magic!

Sharing a Wish List Page Details