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Reappear a ring or coin from an IMPOSSIBLY LOCKED metal box! UNIQUE METHOD
You control the ONLY key that will open the lock! DELUXE VERSION
BONUS: Get Monticup's own exclusive blockbuster routine- free!
Make a large and colorful butterfly appear by surprise- and flutter in the air!
$2.99 $1.99
Envelope found in Houdini's desk - from an Edgar Allan Poe expert
Chosen card visibly appears on clear magnifying glass!
Produce or vanish items from a visibly empty wooden box!
Professional all metal magic wand- perfect size and weight!
One hand operation lets you easily, safely transport your coins!
Make a cotton handkerchief mysteriously move by itself!
BONUS: Video instruction with Monticup's expert tips!
Drink the sports drink, then vanish the bottle!
Make an egg appear and vanish from an empty bag!
BONUS: Comes with EXCLUSIVE bonus video!
BONUS: We include the EGG!
Set of three ungimmicked balls for ending Cups and Balls routine!
Turn red sponge balls into a black ball and a GIANT red cube, right in your hand!
Top quality cover cloth- hard to see through!
Produce or vanish this foam wallet for lots of laughs!
Produce some REALLY HUGE money out of your hat!
Produce Santa Claus out of your hat!
Pull a peacock out of your hat!
Use a fidget spinner to reveal the name of the chosen card!
Produce a spectacular 36-inch silk with a colorful dragon design!
Make a pencil shrink- or make it completely vanish!
Watch this unusual comedy card prediction unfold!
A cute smaller size foam bunny appears in your hand- or anywhere!
Pop open a shiny, glittery flower bouquet!
Soft magical cloth makes your object vanish or appear!
Heavy duty cloth makes your object vanish or appear!
Make magic happen with this pro wand that does tricks!
Instantly make a silk appear in an empty glass!
BONUS: Comes with BONUS instruction video
Flat design! Safely store and carry your coins in this compact coin wallet!
Cause your SPECTATOR to correctly name the combination of ANY four numbers!
Harmlessly chop through your spectator's arm!
Produce loads of items from a visibly empty box!
Correctly predict the thoughts of three different spectators!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's exclusive tips video!
The queen card vanishes- with a surprise ending!
BONUS: Comes with BONUS instruction video
Do magic no one else is doing- with this reel and book!
Pretend to squirt messy mustard or ketchup on them!
Force deck of all JOKERS! Utility deck with many uses!
Turn a real dollar bill INSIDE OUT! No sleights!
Instantly multiply ordinary coins- right into their hands!
Make a vanished silk appear in a compact Coke bottle!
BONUS: Comes with two FREE silks
Appear to slice a big knife deep into your arm!
Lightning fast number total trick!
Make real money appear on a wooden paddle!
Realistic rubber egg compresses nearly flat, springs back in seconds!
Make funny noises with this tiny pocket horn!
Make a flower appear at the tip of the wand!
Poured milk vanishes then doubles in amount!
Set of four sponge rabbits for your sponge ball routines!
Make red, green and yellow balls change places- portable bag model!
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