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Produce a large ball, apple or orange from this really large chop cup!
Can you separate the two twisted nails?
BONUS VIDEO: Get exclusive additional "how-to" ONLINE instruction!
"Share" a Coke the funny way!
The card that cleverly hides in plain sight! IMPROVED 2.0 VERSION!
ONLINE VIDEO: Peter Monticup's complete ONLINE instruction with routine!
Water poured into paper cone ends up inside the glass!
Magically change a copper washer into a penny- and back again!
BONUS VIDEO: Comes with exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with expert tips from Peter Monticup!
Stunning way to reveal the spectator's chosen card!
Balance one US nickel coin on the edge of another!
Most important device for vanishing and appearing a silk in your bare hand!
Most flexible
Coins through the table- unique portable version!
The DELUXE set of Bottles, with Dragon Tubes and more routines!
ONLINE VIDEO: Comes with Monticup's instruction on handling plus full routines and tips
Paint tossed in the air becomes a red streamer!
Invisibly transport the black chip- then make it completely vanish!
Change six different color dots on a rod to all RED dots! METAL VERSION
Astounding multiple card memorization effect!
ONLINE VIDEO: Get easy-to-follow ONLINE instruction with expert tips from Peter Monticup!
Your spectator's chosen chip matches your prediction every time!
BONUS VIDEO: Get exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with expert tips from Peter Monticup!
Terrific DVD instruction for learning Cups and Balls moves!
Change a row of different colored dots to all one color!
Repeat with another color!
Superior quality solid realistic egg is a pleasure to palm!
The classic 3-card con game made easy!
Make a ball vanish and appear in a larger SILVER size vase!
BONUS VIDEO: Comes with exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with expert tips from Peter Monticup!
Set of four DELUXE RED ungimmicked knit balls in 1 inch size for Cups and Balls!
Change a silk into a ball, then make the ball vanish!
Easily predict the chosen symbol! Different!
Is it YOURS or is it MINE? Rapid fire card change!
Changes from one card into another- piece by piece!
Easiest folding top hat on the market- pops open quickly too!
Photo of a card pile changes to show one card turned over- the chosen card!
The Monte con game- with dominos!
BONUS VIDEO: Get Monticup's exclusive must-have ONLINE instruction!
Deck of Bicycle back playing cards with bold letters on the faces!
Produce a super bright white light at the tips of your fingers!
Cut and restored newspaper column- using a real newspaper!
Produce loads of items, including THREE BOTTLES, from a visibly empty tube!
Spectator's card is face-up in a face-down deck, with a different color back!
NEW METHOD deck available only at MagicTricks.com
Make a large die penetrate right through two metal blades!
Make the solid metal ring jump on and off the rope!
ONLINE VIDEO: Get Monticup's exclusive ONLINE instruction!
Magically turn over your spectator's freely selected card in the deck!
NEW METHOD deck available only at MagicTricks.com
The teeth on the key move and twist- but in the end are welded solid to the key shank!
Three rods but FOUR colors! Several routines with one set!
ONLINE VIDEO: Comes with video instruction from Peter Monticup!
$11.99 $7.99
The legendary magnetic ring that allows you to do so many effects!
Change one card into another, make a card vanish or appear, and more!
ONLINE VIDEO: Monticup's exclusive IMPORTANT instruction!
See right into the empty tubes, then produce a bunch of silks!
Packs flat for easy transport and storage!
Visibly cut a little mummy into THREE pieces- and instantly restore it!
Pour water again and again and again from this empty container!
Incredible 40 ounce capacity!
Store cards and coins safely- organize and carry for quick access!
Your food is boxed and ready before you choose from the menu!
Marked coin appears in the deck on top of your spectator's selected card!
Link these round mint candies together!
Empty flower vase suddenly contains a shiny blossom!
$12.99 $7.99
Gravity only works SOMETIMES in this tube!
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