Magic Tricks for Outdoor Shows
These tricks are pretty much self contained.
They can be performed in less than ideal situations- in wind, surrounded by an audience, etc.

*Tricks That Can Be Done Outdoors

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Make a playing card fly away and return, plus learn bonus card sleights!
Instantly produce a big colorful bouquet of 10 flower blooms!
Instantly produce a big bouquet of flowers!
Instantly produce TWO big bouquets of flowers- one in each hand!
Produce enough fingertip lights to fill up a bag- watch them glow!
Produce endless coins from the air, and hear each of them fall into this bucket!
$47.99 $34.99
Make a red feather flower bloom and vanish at your command!
Make the white polka dots vanish from the streamer!
Change a long black streamer into a colorful one!
Change something into something else- the easiest way!
The clown's missing head appears from a popped balloon!
Make a red flower appear, change to yellow, then vanish!
Instantly and visibly change a WHITE rope to a COLOR rope!
BONUS VIDEO: Get exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with expert tips from Peter Monticup!
Produce or vanish items from an empty striped box! COMPACT SIZE!
Cubes magically change places on a solid metal rod!
Produce loads of items from a visibly empty tube!
Produce loads of items from a visibly empty tube!
BONUS: Comes with THREE silks!
Clear double force bag gives you so many possibilities!
Make a red feather flower wilt or pop up at your command!
Display an entire deck of cards with a flourish- no skill necessary!
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