Returns Policy

Please read this message before asking for a refund or exchange

no returns - no refunds - no exchanges for another item

See more information here

replacement with a similar (and working!) item

See instructions here

refund will be given when package is returned

See instructions here

you'll get a refund LESS THE ACTUAL POSTAGE COST
Even though shipping is $5.99 when you order,
the ACTUAL COST we pay to ship your package
runs between $8.75 and $21.75 and up.

See "wrong address" details here

General Returns Policy

Because you are buying the secret when you buy a trick, our general policy is:
no returns, no refunds, no exchanges for another item.
Please read the description of the trick carefully before you purchase it. And if you have any questions about it, please contact us first. We'll be glad to help you choose the right trick.

Exceptions can be made in certain circumstances.
Please CALL US AT 540-832-0900 if you need to discuss a possible return.

Returning a Defective Item

Defective tricks, of course, will be cheerfully replaced with a similar- and working!- item. (Sorry, items that YOU damaged, even by mistake, will not be replaced.) Call us at 540-832-0900 or use our contact form to report a defective item. We'll give you specific instructions on what to do to get your replacement quickly and easily.

Returning an Item Damaged In Use

Depending on the trick, we can sometimes replace items that should not have broken during use.
It is up to the discretion of whether the item will be replaced.
Some items, like the Floating Match, are fragile. They will NOT be replaced.
Please contact us with your specific situation and we'll see what we can do! :-)

Returning a Duplicate Order

A DUPLICATE order placed by mistake will be refunded when you return the UNOPENED package to us.
You will be responsible for the ACTUAL shipping fee both ways!
The best way to get the package back to us if it was shipped via USPS is to refuse it by giving it back, UNOPENED, to your post office. If you have already opened the package, or if the package was shipped via UPS, please send it back with a tracking number so you have proof that you sent it.
If we don't get the return, we can't give you a refund!
Once we get your package back, we will give you a refund minus the actual cost we paid to ship the package to you.
Sorry, if the order was your mistake, we will not lose money on the postage.
Even though we only charge $5.99 for shipping, most packages actually cost us between $6.25 and $21.75 and up to ship.
What ever it had cost us to ship the package to you, we will deduct that actual cost from the refund.

If You Gave Us the Wrong Address

When the package comes back to us, you will be refunded the amount of your order MINUS THE ACTUAL SHIPPING COST we paid to ship your package to you!

Please contact us if you need the order re-shipped to you.
We will let you know what the cost of shipping the package again to you will be.

Our shipping system automatically prints your address EXACTLY as you typed it into your order.
If the USPS or UPS returns the package to us because they say the address is not correct or is incomplete, you are responsible for the shipping cost that was paid.
Even though we only charge you $5.99 for shipping when you order, most packages actually cost us between $8.25 and $21.75 and up to ship.
What ever it had ACTUALLY cost us to ship the package to you, we will deduct that ACTUAL COST from the refund.
Please expect the ACTUAL COST DEDUCTION!
We will gladly provide proof of the actual shipping cost for your package.

If you gave us an incorrect or incomplete address when you placed the order, WILL NOT absorb the cost of shipping that package to you.

Why We Have This Returns Policy

We want you to be a happy customer, but we want to be fair to everybody,
including other magicians who have purchased these same tricks.
Because you are buying the secret when you buy a trick, our general policy is:
no returns, no refunds, no exchanges for another item.
And here's why:

First: Magic tricks are not like any other item you will buy. When you buy a magic trick, you are buying two things: the actual gimmicked item, and the secret. Many magic tricks work on very simple principles, and the piece of equipment you get is only part of the trick. The main part is the secret- the idea, the clever principle, the routine. And that is impossible to return, once you've learned it! The people who invent these tricks must be paid for their ideas. It would not be fair for you to be able to order their tricks, examine them, learn the secret, and return them to get your money back because now you know "how it's done".

Second: Magic is a hobby that requires practice and dedication. You must be willing to put some practice into the tricks you buy. Don't get easily discouraged! Even the simplest tricks don't really work themselves- the magician must present the illusion for the magic to be really good. Returning a trick just because you don't feel like taking the time to practice it is not allowed (again- you already know the secret!). If you don't like to practice anything, or if you are impatient, maybe magic is not a good hobby for you.

Third: Good magic is simple. Sometimes that can be a drawback, because you may receive your trick and think, "Awwww. That's how it works" and be disappointed that it isn't more complicated. Remember that all the tricks we carry have been audience tested again and again. These tricks fool people! Just because a trick is ingeniously simple isn't a good reason for wanting to return it. There are a lot of mediocre tricks out there. We let other shops carry them- you won't find crummy tricks here. Simple- yes. Clever- yes. Crummy- no.

Fourth: Every trick has a detailed description, and most have a demo video. You have a lot of information available to you BEFORE you buy the trick. We try to be as accurate as possible in describing what each trick does, and the skill needed to do each effect. We encourage you to contact us before you purchase any trick if you have any questions. We stand behind what we sell: you get a good value for your money.