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  • A to Z List of Tricks
    Like lists? Here are all of the products currently in stock, from A to Z!
  • Magic Sets and Kits
    Our own boxed magic sets and kits! We selected an assortment of the most amazing, easy tricks and packaged them in bright red boxes!
  • Party Favors
    Inrexpensive little prizes and gifts that are perfect for any magic-themed party! Find wands, puzzles, fun little tricks to amaze and amuse your guests!
  • Card Magic
    Tricks with regular or gimmicked playing cards
  • Coin Magic
    Magic tricks using real or gimmicked coins
  • Closeup Magic
    Magic tricks performed right in front of the spectator. This list does not include Coin Tricks or Card Tricks, which are listed in their own categories.
  • Comedy Magic
    Magic tricks that get a laugh
  • Kids Show Magic
    Magic tricks to entertain a young audience. Perfect for birthday parties and school shows!
  • Animal Magic
    Magic using real animals like doves, rabbits or ferrets, or using animal puppets
  • Magic with a Message
    Magic tricks that convey a message to your audience. Gospel messages, anti-drug messages, safety messages.
  • Magic Books
    Magic books, from tricks and routines to magic history and biography. New and used books available for purchase.
  • Magic DVDs
    DVD instruction teaches tricks, routines and skills
  • Magic Courses
    Learn from the experts! Complete courses in card magic, coin magic, improving your overall performance skills, and much more.
  • S.S. Adams Store
    Remember all the fun you had as a kid with the wonderful tricks made by the mysterious S.S. Adams Company? Well, these fun tricks and pranks are being manufactured again!
  • Puzzles
    Mechanical puzzlers- how do these work??
  • Authentic Memorabilia
    Authentic memorabilia, posters and souvenirs of famous magicians
  • Jewelry - Magical
    Fabulous handcrafted jewelry specially designed for magicians and magicians' assistants- exclusively available only at!
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