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  • A to Z List of Tricks
    Like lists? Here are all of the products currently in stock, from A to Z!
  • Magic Sets and Kits
    Our own boxed magic sets and kits! We selected an assortment of the most amazing, easy tricks and packaged them in bright red boxes!
    Stocking stuffers are inexpensive tricks that are perfect for filling a magician's Christmas stocking! Also great for Secret Santa gifts! These are items priced under $5.00, great for inexpensive gifts all year round!
  • Party Favors
    Inrexpensive little prizes and gifts that are perfect for any magic-themed party! Find wands, puzzles, fun little tricks to amaze and amuse your guests!
  • Card Magic
    Tricks with regular or gimmicked playing cards
  • Coin Magic
    Magic tricks using real or gimmicked coins
  • Closeup Magic
    Magic tricks performed right in front of the spectator. This list does not include Coin Tricks or Card Tricks, which are listed in their own categories.
  • Stage and Club Magic
    Larger illusions and effects that can be seen from a distance
  • Mentalism
    Mindreading and psychokinetic magic effects
  • Animal Magic
    Magic using real animals like doves, rabbits or ferrets, or using animal puppets
  • Juggling
    Juggling equipment, books and DVD instruction
  • Balloon Sculpture
    Balloon animal and sculpture equipment, books and DVD instruction
  • Escape Magic
    Tricks that require escaping from locks and rope
  • Magic with a Message
    Magic tricks that convey a message to your audience. Gospel messages, anti-drug messages, safety messages.
  • Magic Books
    Magic books, from tricks and routines to magic history and biography. New and used books available for purchase.
  • Magic DVDs
    DVD instruction teaches tricks, routines and skills
  • Magic Courses
    Learn from the experts! Complete courses in card magic, coin magic, improving your overall performance skills, and much more.
  • S.S. Adams Store
    Remember all the fun you had as a kid with the wonderful tricks made by the mysterious S.S. Adams Company? Well, these fun tricks and pranks are being manufactured again!
  • Puzzles
    Mechanical puzzlers- how do these work??
  • Authentic Memorabilia
    Authentic memorabilia, posters and souvenirs of famous magicians
  • Jewelry - Magical
    Fabulous handcrafted jewelry specially designed for magicians and magicians' assistants- exclusively available only at!
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