Boxed Magic Sets and Kits

EXCLUSIVE magic kits

available ONLY at!

We designed OUR OWN boxed magic kits!

Why? Because the magic sets you find in the toy stores were designed by toy makers, not magicians.
Toy store sets are disappointing, filled with tricks that are too difficult, too flimsy, or just plain awful.
So we came up with our own EXCLUSIVE kits, made with some of the most popular tricks we carry.
These sets are ONLY available at!
The tricks are EASY yet amazing, even for beginners.
They all have simple instructions, too!
They even come packed in a bright red box, ready for gift giving!

*Magic Sets and Kits

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A bag full of fun and easy tricks!
Perform lots of easy but amazing tricks- perfect for the young magician!
Instantly perform lots of easy tricks right out of your pocket!
Lots of easy to perform tricks- comes with DVDs!
Perform lots of incredible magic with coins!
Instantly perform lots of easy but amazing tricks- even beginners can do these magical miracles!
Everything you need to become an expert card magician! NEW ASSORTMENT!
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