Invented by Ed Massey and then manufactured by Milson-Worth in the early 1950's, the Flame Clock is a fairly rare piece of vintage magic.
Let me show you this Chinese Flame Clock from my collection...


Lou Conti

Date 2/9/2021

Very interesting. Shows well

George Mullican

Date 2/9/2021

I've heard of the Chinese Flame Clock but have never seen one or seen a performance of the effect being done. Awesome presentation. Thanks for sharing.


Date 2/9/2021

Great old prop. I like seeing these vintage props demonstrated. This should be a weekly feature. Keep up the good work!

gerald ralston

Date 2/9/2021

Very lovely prop .I really enjoyed the video Thanks for sharing.I hope you show more of your collection in the future newsletters. Thanks.Gerald Ralston

Thomas M Bohacek

Date 2/9/2021

Hi Peter. Loved the Chinese clock. Now I want to build one. Do you have any books on the shelf for building your own magic. I have built a few prices in the past. One to make an elephant disappear and another one that is the mirror box. Waiting for my magic to arrive. I am sure it will be here soon. Thanks Tom

Mr. G.

Date 2/9/2021

Thanks for sharing a great prop and story!!!

Kurt E Trautmann

Date 2/11/2021

I agree Milson-Worth made beautiful stuff! I have several of their pieces, including a Flame Clock that looks just like yours. If you bought it for $47.50, that was a steal. My 1990 Milson-Worth price list shows it for $300! I wanted one from the first time I saw it in their catalog, but never could justify the cost. By the time I could afford one, the company was out of business. I eventually found one in nearly mint condition on e-bay a few years ago for just slightly more than the original price. It's a lovely piece. I'd love to see more of your collection, especially older pieces that are not often seen these days. Thanks for sharing these items with us!

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