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Easy and amazing magic tricks with coins!
Here are the greatest trick coins, gimmicked coin sets, coin magic books and DVD instruction.

Coin Magic

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Make a half dollar, a quarter and a dime instantly vanish in your hand!
Now with Peter Monticup's exclusive ONLINE instruction with expert tips!
Make a dime, a nickel and a penny instantly vanish in your hand!
Replacement releasing ring for unlocking gimmicked coins
Produce endless coins from the air, and hear each of them fall into this bucket!
Bend a penny in your bare hands!
Appear to take a bite out of a real quarter, then restore the coin again!
BONUS: Exclusive FREE instruction video on how to replace the bands
Appear to take a bite out of a real quarter, then restore the coin again! (pro model)
The classic manual of coin conjuring!
$6.99 $3.99
The bible of coin magic sleights, tricks and routines- for beginner to expert!
Learn 92 foolproof tricks with ordinary coins!
Learn more tricks using the Scotch and Soda coin set!
NEW SOURCE! Make coins vanish, multiply and more in a box that lets you see the coins inside!
ONLINE VIDEO: exclusive instruction!
Produce a marked coin from inside a set of nested brass boxes!
Exciting improved version!
Make half dollar coins vanish, appear and change places!
ONLINE VIDEO: Routines plus exclusive instruction with Monticup's expert tips!
The name of the chosen card is punched out of a real half dollar!
Vanish and produce a coin inside this small box!
BONUS VIDEO: Monticup's exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with expert tips!
Mexican style metal coin to use in coin magic effects
Store cards and coins safely- organize and carry for quick access!
Portable half round tabletop padded surface improves your magic performance!
Instantly make a quarter appear inside a glass- NO SKILL!
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