How To Watch Our Demo Videos

The Parts of the Video Player, and What They Do



We record our videos in HIGH DEFINITION.
They are produced at the highest quality possible for broadcast on a computer screen or mobile device.

We use VIMEO to store and share our videos.
VIMEO is the leading platform for broadcasting high quality video produced by independent filmmakers as well as businesses like ours.
Unlike free platforms like YouTube, Vimeo focuses on the delivery of high-definition video across a range of devices.
Many well-known filmmakers use Vimeo to store and share their cinematic projects while working on them.
The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences uses Vimeo to broadcast the Daytime Emmy awards, and the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq use Vimeo to live stream their opening and closing bells.

Why Vimeo instead of YouTube?
Vimeo delivers the video in higher quality than YouTube, and without advertising.
Vimeo does not track you (the viewer), like YouTube does.
Though YouTube is free for us to use, we feel that Vimeo is definitely worth the fee we pay them to give you the best viewing experience.

The Video Player

Parts of the Video Player

  • 2 = TIME STAMP

Click the triangle to START or STOP the video.

Before the video plays, this tells you how long the video is. In this case, the video is 3 minutes 33 seconds long.
While the video is playing, it tells you how long the video has been playing.
This is useful if you want to pinpoint a certain spot in the video.
For example, if Peter shows a particular move that you want to see again, you can note the time, and you can go back and watch just that spot instead of having to watch the video from the beginning again.

Visually shows you where you are in the length of the video.
You can "scrub" along this bar to quickly advance or rewind to another part of the video.
To "scrub", place and hold your cursor on the progress bar, and move the cursor to the spot you want.
You will see small thumbnails of the video as you do this, helping you to locate your spot.
You can also click on the bar anywhere, and you will advance or rewind to that spot.

Turns ON or OFF the Closed Captioning feature.
Click on the CC icon to turn ON or turn OFF closed captions.
If the CC icon does not appear on the particular video you are viewing, that video does not have closed captioning available yet.

Lets you raise or lower the volume of the video's sound.
Click on the bars in the icon to raise or lower the volume.
By default, the player is set to maximum volume.
The advantage of using this feature is that you can control the playback volume of the video without having to change the volume setting on your computer or device.
If the bars are not lit up, your video player is MUTED.
To fix this, click on the longest bar on the volume control.

Lets you adjust the QUALITY and the SPEED of the video.
We record our videos at high definition, and have our Vimeo playback set to deliver the videos automatically at the highest definition level that your particular device can play.
However, some customers may not have the bandwidth at the moment to view the video without buffering issues.
You can decrease the quality by clicking the Settings wheel, and then the Quality dropdown.
The default is "Auto", but you can click any of the other options to lower the quality and hopefully fix the buffering issue.
Lowering the quality will also help in saving bandwidth, for those who have bandwidth usage caps.
If you want to slow the video down so you can watch a particular move in slow motion, here's where you do that.
Click the Settings wheel, and then the Speed dropdown.
You can choose 0.5x to watch it slowed to half speed, or 0.75x to watch it at three-quarters speed.
You can also choose to watch it speeded up.

Enlarge the video to full screen size by clicking this icon.
When you want to go back to your normal screen, click the icon again OR click the ESC button at the upper left corner of your computer keyboard.


PROBLEM: The video keeps buffering during playback.
Your CURRENT Internet speed cannot handle the high definition bandwidth of our video.
When a video plays in lower than expected quality or buffers, it’s likely because the viewer’s current Internet speed (bandwidth) or computer processing speed cannot support higher quality playback.
The quality of your playback experience is largely dependent on how your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or mobile provider connects to Vimeo's playback servers.
Keep in mind that your overall Internet speed can vary depending on many factors, including but not limited to: time of day, WiFi performance, other devices/users utilizing your connection, and the strength of the signal provided by your ISP at this moment.
Vimeo's playback requires more bandwidth than YouTube, which is why you may be able to watch the lower quality YouTube videos without buffering, while Vimeo's videos are buffering on your device.
SOLUTION: Use the Quality Setting on the video player to lower the quality. SEE INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE

PROBLEM: You need the password to an online instruction video.
You must purchase the magic trick in order to get the password for the video.
After you purchase the trick, the password for the online video is emailed to you via your Order Confirmation.
You will see a link in the order confirmation email.
You can also retreive your passwords at any time in your Account.
SOLUTION: Click for more detailed step-by-step instructions here

PROBLEM: There is no audio.
You might have your speakers turned off.
SOLUTION: Please check to see if your speakers are muted on your device.
Or check to see if you have muted the sound in the video playback box.
To fix that, just click on the longest bar on the VOLUME control (see illustration above).