Magic Tricks Skill Level 1
LEVEL 1: Our easiest tricks! These practically work all by themselves!
Simply read and follow the easy instructions to make the magic happen!

LEVEL 1: Simple- No Skill Needed

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Vanish a silk and make it reappear tied between two other silks!
BONUS: Comes with FREE BONUS instruction video
Deck of playing cards with bold letters on the faces!
BONUS: How To Do Six Tricks with This Deck
Produce a colorful bouquet of flowers from a magic wand!
Instantly produce a big bouquet of flowers!
Instantly produce TWO big bouquets of flowers- one in each hand!
Produce a feather flowered plant from an empty pot!
Liquid vanishes and changes into silks!
$29.99 $21.99
Pour water again and again from an empty metal vase!
Comedy effect- watch what appears tied between two scarves!
Make a ball vanish and reappear in a little vase!
$2.99 $1.99
Comedy magic- see what appears tied between two scarves!
Full deck of tough plastic washable Bicycle back playing cards
Top quality cover cloth- hard to see through!
Make a red feather flower bloom and vanish at your command!
Produce loads of silks from a visibly empty blue tube!
Learn 50 tricks with your Change Bag! Ideas, tips, techniques!
Change one item into another, or pull an item from an empty bag!
Comedy effect- the fan falls apart when handled by a spectator!
The fan falls apart when handled by a spectator! Big and bold Deluxe version!
Comedy effect- the gavel falls apart when handled by anyone else!
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