English Penny
Use this real English penny coin in many coin tricks!

English Penny


Use this real English penny coin in many coin tricks!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

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Why is this called an English Penny?


Because it's from England! Ha ha!

This is a genuine English penny coin.
It is an ordinary coin, not gimmicked in any way.

You use an English penny in a number of effects.
Since it is copper color, it makes any coin switch trick even more visual, as you are changing a silver color coin into a copper color one.

You can also use this English penny to replace those that are used in some gimmicked coin sets.

English pennies are copper color and are approximately the same size as a U.S. half dollar.
The copper color will tarnish over time.

Price is per single English penny coin.

Please note: this is a single coin only.
No instructions.

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What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • one real English penny coin
  • NO instruction

You supply the trick or routine.

Tips & Ideas

Care Tips:

This is a real coin, so the copper color will tarnish over time. Some magicians prefer the tarnished look. If you want a shiny coin, just use a copper cleaner like Wright's Copper Cream, found in any supermarket.


Q: Are these 31 mm in diameter? When I look up the diameter of an english penny it's 20.3 mm, but I think the older pre-decimal ones are 31 mm, which is what I need, as they are closer to the size of kennedy halves at 30.6 mm.
Asked by: Austin - 1/8/2016
A: The English Penny is just slightly larger than the US Kennedy Half.
This would mean the penny is 31mm and the half is 30.6mm
You can only tell the size difference if you put one on top of the other.
When viewed next to each other, they look like they are the same size.

Answer provided by:  MagicTricks.com (1/8/2016)
Q: Is the penny copper plated steel? Need these products for many tricks.
Asked by: John K - 10/19/2015
A: Yes, these are real English pennies.
They are made of copper-plated steel.
They will stick to a magnet.

Answer provided by:  MagicTricks.com (10/19/2015)

Customer Reviews

Show Me The Money!
It's always a good idea to keep a stash of various coins on hand for many routines. I just purchased some English pennies, and yes, they look like they're from England! Actually, I could tell by their accent. As Peter will tell you, Get some! (The price is right at MTC!) I say! Quite so, 'Ole Chap!'.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from TX. on 12/14/2015
Play director
Good size for close up work, but a little dull for stage use. At Peter's suggestion obtained Eisenhower Silver Dollars, which as slightly larger and more visible from a distance.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from WA. on 9/5/2015

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