Magic Flowers   Magic Flowers

Beautiful and colorful feather flowers made into astonishing magic tricks! Paper flowers and silk flower tricks too!


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Produce big feather flowers from a huge cloth!
Produce a large bouquet of colorful flowers from four silk scarves!
BONUS VIDEO: Get exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with expert tips from Peter Monticup!
Instantly turn one bunch of flowers into TWO!
Produce a colorful bouquet of flowers from a magic wand!
Instantly produce TWO big bouquets of flowers- one in each hand!
Instantly produce a big colorful bouquet of 10 flower blooms!
Change one big bright flower into FIVE individual flowers!
Instantly produce a big bouquet of flowers!
Pop open a shiny, glittery flower bouquet!
Instantly produce a big colorful bouquet of 7 flower blooms!
Make a red flower appear, change to yellow, then vanish!
Instantly produce a bouquet of 25 colorful flowers!
Make a red feather flower wilt or pop up at your command!
Produce a feather flower from a magic wand!
Make a red feather flower bloom and vanish at your command!

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