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Just how do these work, anyway??!!


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They can see the coin inside the brass- but how do they open it??
Your spectator can never clip the RED suit card! JUMBO SIZE
Only you can make the magic bottle lay down and stay down!
How did a deck of cards get into a glass bottle?
Slice a sword right through a solid key pin- and you don't even have to know how it's done!
$5.99 $3.99
Make a small brass weight defy gravity!
Simply turn this ring to make it shrink or grow larger!
Easily catch the band in the Snapper- yet your spectator can't do it!
BONUS: Monticup's online video lesson on how to work the Snapper PLUS how to snap the cap on a Bic pen
Easily remove the ring from the spring- yet your spectator can't do it!
BONUS VIDEO: Get exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with expert tips from Peter Monticup!
$1.49 $0.99
How did a bolted magic wand get into a glass bottle?
Put a dollar or a prize inside the box- it can't be removed without knowing the secret!
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