Sorry, we ship to U.S. zip codes ONLY.

We DO NOT ship to countries outside the U.S.
Sorry, that means we do not ship to Canada, Australia, Mexico or Europe.
Even if you can pay with a U.S.-based credit card, we CANNOT ship to another country.

Sorry, we accept payments from U.S.-based credit card accounts or PayPal accounts ONLY.

We cannot process orders paid with a credit card that was not issued by a U.S. bank.
We cannot process orders paid through a PayPal account that is not based in the U.S.

Even if you want your package delivered to a U.S. address, you cannot pay with a non-U.S. credit card, or a non-U.S. Paypal account.

"Why don't you ship outside the U.S?"

Simple. Unfortunately, it is now too complicated, too costly and too dangerous.
In the grand scheme of things, we are a relatively small business.
Recently, there have been massive changes to the international regulations regarding taxes (VAT), tariffs, customs fees and rules, import declarations limitations, etc.
Non- compliance with some of these rules now result in serious fines!
We are now required to follow EACH INDIVIDUAL COUNTRY'S rules, regulations and tax rates!
We do not have the personnel to deal with the hundreds of new individual rules and requirements from the hundreds of different countries in the world.

Also, international credit card fraud has continued to skyrocket.
Both the credit card companies and PayPal make MAGICTRICKS.COM take the loss if there is a fraudulent charge!
Yet, none of these companies can provide us with a foolproof way to check for fraud on an international charge.
We can't check for fraud, but we have to lose the money of a charge turns out to be fraudulent.
We do not have the ability to absorb the amount of international credit card fraud that slips through.

Of course we'd prefer to have your business. We just can't afford the risk anymore.