Magicians Silks

Top quality professional silks for your magic tricks. Soft and very compressible to hide in the smallest spaces. Vibrant colors will spark up your show!


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Vanish a silk and make it reappear tied between two other silks!
Turn four different colored silks into one large multicolor silk!
Turn four silks into one larger silk- in the palm of your hand!
Make colorful silks appear, vanish and change color in your hand!
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Change the color of two handkerchiefs by simply passing them through your hand!
Produce a bottle or flowers from a bunch of silks!
Visibly change a piece of white rope into a colorful silk!
Top quality silks in the smallest size!
Top quality 9-inch silk available in vibrant colors!
Top quality 12-inch silk available in vibrant colors!
Top quality 18-inch silk available in vibrant colors!
Produce a huge and colorful 45-inch Magic Rabbit theme silk!
Size: about 3 feet by 1.5 inches
Make a handkerchief mysteriously move by itself!
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Three silks become American flag with the colors wrong, then correct!
Change a long black streamer into a colorful one!
Size: about 9 feet by 4 inches
Make your spectator's card suddenly appear on a silk!
Turn four different colored silks into one big Santa silk!
Pull a silk rabbit out of your silk top hat!
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