Magic Tricks for Doctors
Simple-to-learn tricks that can be used to put patients at ease!

*Tricks for Doctors

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TWO TRICKS! Turn HALF of any playing card inside out! And link two cards together!
Download available immediately after purchase!
Real penny with both sides "Heads"
Real quarter with both sides "Heads" or both "Tails"
Restore a torn card or business card- you'll learn four different effects!
Turn a nickel into a miniature nickel!
Wood version of the legendary tumbling blocks magic trick and puzzle!
Punch two miniature pennies out of a real coin!
Push a pen through a dollar bill without making a hole!
Mystical pendulum swings in different directions to answer questions!
Produce this ridiculously large and realistic toothbrush for lots of laughs!
Turn a penny into a miniature penny- or turn a penny into a dime!
Punch a tiny penny out of a real coin!
Produce this giant toothbrush for a great comedy reaction!
An unexpected and funny medical joke!
Pair of ropes VISIBLY pass right through a silk and a solid tube!
Push a pen through a bill in a frame without making a hole!

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