Street Magic Tricks
Made popular by David Blaine, Criss Angel and Dynamo!
"In-your-face" magic with seemingly ordinary objects

Street Magic

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Visibly take a bite out of a real playing card, then instantly make the card whole again!
Appear to take a bite out of a real quarter, then restore the coin again!
BONUS: Exclusive FREE instruction video on how to replace the bands
Appear to take a bite out of a real quarter, then restore the coin again! (pro model)
Learn the secrets to the most famous con artist trick!
Perform the classic three card swindle with a surprise ending!
The name of the chosen card is punched out of a real half dollar!
Vanish any playing card, and it reappears from your mouth!
Stump your spectator with this variation of the classic Three Card Monte trick!
Two Card Monte- make one card change to another! - with DVD instruction
Real US nickel with both sides "Heads"!
Real penny with both sides "Heads"
Real half dollar with both sides HEADS!
Real quarter with both sides "Heads" or both "Tails"
Learn the secrets to these astounding bar bets- fool your friends!
Magically refill and reseal an ordinary soda can!
Learn to perform exciting escapes like Houdini!
Master truly incredible stunts with cards!
Learn the secret undetectable card sleights used by pro gambling cheats!
Learn how to make things levitate or move by themselves!
Learn to levitate yourself- as seen on TV!
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