Magic Origami: PopUp Rabbit In Top Hat

Posted by Peter Monticup on 8/30/2020 to Puzzlers and Jokes


Origami is a lot of fun, especially when you can do it with money!
The PopUp Rabbit From Top Hat design has been around in various versions for a few decades now.
Recently I came across a really great YouTube video tutorial by Jeremy Shafer, instructing on how to make this cute novelty.
What makes Jeremy's design so different is that he incorporates the engravings on the bill to make the rabbit's eyes, and he makes the head much more realistic looking.
His instructions are very easy to follow, too.
Yes, it will take some practice, but you will be amazed at how good even your first one will look.
Give it a try...

And visit Jeremy's YouTube channel for more tutorials on some fun dollar bill origami!

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