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Yes, there are even jokes about Houdini!

I really didn't want to go to the Harry Houdini party.
Sadly, there was no getting out of it.

What kind of goat did Houdini have?
A scapegoat.

What do you call a sad magician?
Boo Hoo Dini

Where do magicians get quarters? From behind Cashiers.

Houdini and Monticup walk into a bakery.
Monticup palms three donuts with one hand and puts them in his pocket without anyone noticing.
He says, "Houdini, do you see how clever I am? I make donuts disappear at will!"
Houdini responds, "Not bad, not bad at all."
Houdini then goes to the bakery owner and asks him if he wants to see a magic trick.
Houdini proceeds to ask the baker for a donut, and then eats it.
Houdini asks him for another one, and then eats that one as well.
Houdini asks him for a third one, which the baker reluctantly gives him.
"So what is the magic trick?" the baker says. "I gave you three donuts already!"
"And I made them disappear" says Houdini.
"No, you didn't. You ATE them!" says the baker.
Houdini responds, "Oh, really? Go check Monticup's pocket."


Mr. G.

Date 3/23/2021

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