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The S.S. Adams Co. has been producing classic pranks and great beginner magic tricks since 1906. Many magicians, including the top professionals, got their first taste of magic when they bought one of the inexpensive Adams magic tricks in the cartoon packaging. When company founder Sam Adams died in 1963, the company lost its driving force, and over the years became an almost forgotten chapter in American childhood memories.

That all changed on April Fool's Day, 2009, when the company was purchased by Magic Makers, Inc. Dedicated to remaining true to Sam Adams' vision, Magic Makers Inc. revived the best of the Adams novelties line. America's favorite tricks and pranks are available again!

Exactly what is it that makes S.S.Adams novelties and tricks so special?

It's the S.S. Adams nostaligia!

Remember the excitement you felt anticipating the wonders that awaited you inside those S.S. Adams packages of tricks? You could amaze your friends. You could fool your parents and teachers. You could play a prank on your neighbor. A lot of fun for the small price of a magic trick or gag. You can relive those childhood memories again!

It's the S.S. Adams packaging!

A sense of magical wonder helped to sell classic pocket tricks like the Ball Vase, the Magic Coin Box, the Three Shell Game, Color Vision and Crazy Cube. It was the distinctive, simple comic-book packaging, complete with an enticing see-thru window to give the eager young magician a peek at the wonderful product within, that helped make the S.S. Adams line so successful. Once available in every five-and-dime and neighborhood store, these small pocket tricks in their original packaging are now highly collectible, especailly by professional magicians who remember these treasures from their childhoods.

It's the S.S. Adams mystery!

Adams included some classic magic tricks in his line of products. Trick decks like the popular Delands Deck, the Secret Stripper Deck and the Svengali Deck were the first magic tricks owned by hundreds of thousands of eager young magicians in the mid-20th century.

It's the S.S. Adams pure genius!

Sam Adams became world famous as the "King of Professional Pranksters". Not only did he create the 20th century market for practical jokes and gags, but he also created over 650 items himself. Sneezing powder? That's the stuff that Sam Adams started his successful business selling. Dribble Glass? Snake Nut Can? Stink Bomb? Snapping Gum? You can thank Sam Adams for introducing you to those classics. And the Joy Buzzer, Sam Adams' own invention. The Joy Buzzer that makes a grating noise and gives a weird vibration when unexpectedly pressed into your palm by a practical joker was a clever piece of mechanical equipment so unique that it was granted a U.S. patent in 1932.

It's the S.S. Adams tradition!

You remember S.S. Adams tricks and jokes from when you were a kid. Now is the time to bring back those happy memories, and even share them with a young magician or jokester in your life. Start your own tradition!

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