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Zone Zero Ultra + BONUSES
Totally impossible ball vanish and appearance- in The Zone!
Ages 13 and up Level 3
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Zone Zero Ultra + BONUSES

Item Id: 90-1941
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Get in the Zone!

This eye-popping mind-blowing illusion is the most memorable effect you'll ever perform!

But it is not for everyone.
If you are not a performer who enjoys practicing and putting in some time to learn some new manipulation skills, then this is NOT for you.
Just saying.

If you are looking for a real showstopper, though, check this one out:
After showing a crazy-looking board with a hole cut through it, you reach into the hole ("The Zone") and pull out a real solid rubber ball!
From nowhere!
Put your hand and the ball through the hole, and when you pull out your hand- the ball has vanished!
Into The Zone!

And yes- you can show your hand empty AND show both sides of the board!
The routine continues, with the ball vanishing into thin air only to reappear again- until your audiences minds are spinning!

The legendary Jerry Andrus, inventor of the Linking Pins, Andrus Card Control, and Miser's Miracle, was the genius behind this board and routine.
There is nothing else like it!

BONUS! We give you TWO EXTRA special balls!
You'll get one soft sponge ball- makes the required moves MUCH easier to learn, because this ball will compress in your hand!
You'll get one firm sponge ball- smaller than the rubber ball that comes with the trick, for easier handling!
(Colors of the extra balls will vary.)

And that's not all!
You will learn how to vanish and produce OTHER objects besides the ball- like a piece of fruit or a deck of cards.
You'll learn how to do this effect WITHOUT using the Zone Zero Board, but using an ordinary cardboard box or a regular paper bag instead.

Plus, if you are a fan of great classic magic, the DVD also includes rare footage of Jerry performing his famous comedy table act and demonstrating his incredible "Nutty Nut and Bolt Illusion".

THE DVD YOU GET WITH THIS IS REALLY GREAT! And that's the thing. In terms of physical props, all you get is an ungimmicked board and three ungimmicked balls. Plus a DVD. What you are REALLY paying for is that ROUTINE and INSTRUCTION.

On his very detailed DVD instruction, the legendary Jerry Andrus teaches you EXACTLY how to hold the ball, how to move the ball, and how to manipulate the board with the ball to create this incredible illusion.
This effect is TOTALLY dependent on perfecting the required moves, so expect to put in some serious practice time. But the result will be WELL WORTH IT!



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