Zipper Banana
A carrying case for a banana???

Zipper Banana


A carrying case for a banana???


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

The ultimate comedy accessory- a banana carrier!


As all comedians know, the banana is the funniest prop you can use!
The Zipper Banana takes it to the next ridiculous level!

During your act, casually take out the Zipper Banana from under your table, or better yet, from inside your pocket.
Unzip the sides, take a bite out of the real banana you've put inside it, then zip it back up and put it back in your pocket.
A few minutes later, take it out again and take another bite.
The more you repeat this, the funnier it gets!

Of course, you can use it in a number of other ways, too.
How about unpeeling the Zipper Banana to produce a set of sponge balls, or a silk handkerchief to use in your next routine?
Or unzipping the banana to produce a pile of candy?
When you do the unexpected, it's funny!

This classic banana joke has been around for nearly 100 years.
It's played well for thousands of comedy magicians over the years because it's a sure-fire laugh-getter!

And this is a well-made item!
Not only does it feature two smooth-sliding zippers, but it is also lined with WASHABLE COATED FABRIC so you can easily clean it up after every use.
You'll get lots of mileage out of this wonderful comedy prop!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Zipper Banana
  • easy printed instructions

You supply the real banana, or any other items you want to put inside.
Silks and sponge balls shown in the photo are not included.

Tips & Ideas

Performance Ideas:

Open the Zipper Banana and take out a real banana still in its peel. When you unpeel the banana- it's already sliced! To prepare the banana: Take an ordinary banana and a straight pin or needle. About an inch from one end of the banana, carfully poke the needle into the banana as far as you can. Wiggle the needle back and forth inside the banana. What you are really doing is slicing through the soft inside of the banana without harming the outer peel (except for the needle hole which won't be noticeable). Do this about every inch for the length of the banana. The peel will still look normal, but when you unpeel the banana, the inside will fall off in slices.
You can also use the Zipper Banana with your sponge ball routine. Instead of just taking the sponge balls out of your pocket, take them out of the Zipper Banana. Use yellow sponge balls, of course.

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