Wonder Treasure Box
Put a prize inside the box- they have to figure out how to remove it!

Wonder Treasure Box


Put a dollar or a prize inside the box- it can't be removed without knowing the secret!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

A puzzle with a real reward!

You place an ordinary bill in this special box, and they cannot remove it without knowing the secret!
Of course, this box comes with printed instructions on how to open it, but you don't have to give them the instructions unless and until you want to.

Great way to give someone a gift of money- lock the money in this box first, then let them try to figure out how to get at the cash!

You can also borrow a signed bill to do this trick for any audience.
Astounding, puzzling and perplexing!

BONUS! SECRET REVEALED: How To Open the Wonder Treasure Box
This clever box is so easy to open- if you know the secret!
Watch our extra video to see how it's done.
Click the TIPS & IDEAS box.
Why do we show you?
Well, you'll be more likely to trust us and buy it if you see that it actually can be easily opened.
And also you (or the recipient) can view this video anytime as a free visual instruction.

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