SOLD Wonder Sealer - PREOWNED

SOLD Wonder Sealer - PREOWNED


Reseal any card deck to appear new and unopened!





Makes any deck appear to be brand new!

We got this item from a private magic collection, from a magician who really took care of his props and equipment.
And it even comes with a nice supply of plastic sleeves!

There are many tricks that require you to "set up" your card deck in some way.
Now just imagine being able to prepare your deck of cards any way you need to, and yet be able to start your trick as if you are using a brand new, unopened, sealed pack of playing cards.
That's exactly what this device allows you to do!

And it's not hard at all.
Put your deck in the sealer, the plastic sleeve slips over the deck, and the sealer seals up the cellophane, making it look like a brand new deck.

You are buying the PREOWNED Wonder Sealer with its electrical plug and 19 plastic sleeves.
This unit uses 100V~220V.

CONDITION: used but in very good condition

Click to see a larger photo of the Wonder Sealer.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Wonder Sealer (sealer and electric cord)
  • package of 19 plastic sleeves
  • printed instructions

CONDITION:used but in very good condition

Comes with 19 plastic sleeves.
Refills are available on (search for "refill cellophane for Wonder Sealer")

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