Wonderful Block
Place a coin inside a box that can't be opened!

Wonderful Block


Place a coin inside a box that can't be opened!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

A puzzling magical miracle!


Beautifully made wood puzzle box!

The Wonder-ful Block puzzle box is a wonderful effect, as well as a fantastic magic item for display!

This is a gorgeous and clever version of the "impossible to open" box effect.
To use it as a magic trick, simply borrow an ordinary quarter coin from your spectator.
Using a Sharpie marker or something similar, let your spectator mark the coin in any way he wants.
Make sure he marks the coin on the face.
Now, let him carefully examine the Wonder-ful Block (see the important note below).
The box won't open!
Take the box back, and show that the quarter does not fit in the hole.
There would be seemingly no way to get the quarter into a box that won't open.

And now the magic happens!
With the quarter in one hand, take the box in the other hand and either place it under a cloth or behind your back.
Instantly- presto!
Bring the box back to the spectator- and the marked coin can be seen INSIDE the box!
Now place the box behind your back or under the cloth again, and voila!
The coin is now outside the box again!
And yet- the box can't be opened by the spectator!

Important message from MagicTricks.com owner Peter Monticup:
Be careful when you let someone examine any magic trick!
Usually I don't let people examine ANYTHING, simply because they may break it by mistake.
In this case, you need the spectator to be able to handle the box.
Explain first that the box is an expensive handmade piece, and needs to be handled gently.
SHOW him how to gently try to move or open the cover.
Then say "There is no need to yank on it or force it- you can feel that the top will not come off".
If you show him how to handle it, and tell him to be careful, there will be much less chance that he will damage the box by mistake.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Wonder-ful Block box
  • ONLINE video instructions (link is provided on product packaging)

You provide an ordinary coin- a borrowed and marked one is best.

Box may vary slightly from the product photo or the demo video.
Each box is handmade, and woodgrain will naturally be unique.

Customer Reviews

Wonderful Block
Easy to do in your hand with immediate reset. Very well constructed and defies detection. Nice wood construction and assembly make this a true collectors item for those interested in puzzle tricks. Worth the investment as it can be a mind boggling effect for any spectator. Highly suggest this addition to your magical collection...
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from New York. on 5/13/2019

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