A quick moving storm passed over the warehouse (and our home) on Tuesday.
Winds briefly reached 90 miles per hour, with incredible gusts and driving rain.
This amazing photo was taken four miles from our property.

(photograph by Peter Forister)

Virginia storms can be whoppers, though.
In September 1994, we returned home from the magic shop to find all eight of the oak trees that surrounded our house- on the ground!
A microburst had knocked these giant trees down, and one of them hit Monticup Manor.
Take a look at what that storm did to our house...

Right smack dab through our family room!

Standing in the hole from the uprooted tree

View from inside the house

Another view from inside the house

Luckily, we were not home when the storm hit in 1994.
We did have some pretty scared doggies waiting for us, though!

Here is the inside of the house after rebuilding.
Like a good neighbor, State Farm was there! :-)


Lou Conti

Date 5/11/2021

Peter, glad you guys were ok after the storm in 94. I have been living in SW Florida for 33 years and know what a bad storm is. Now we are 19 days from the start of hurricane season, wish us luck. However, I must say this, My wife and I grew up in Northern Ohio which is notorious for tornados and at least we can prepare for hurricanes. Good luck to all of us this season.

Mr G

Date 5/11/2021

Peter and Jackie, God was surely looking out for you during that horrid storm. The damage was over the top. Glad that neither of you were physically injured, but emotionally scared. You each have a guardian angel who is doing their job!!! So sorry for the damage your home sustained... That picture of the storm from last Tuesday looked quite ominous. Glad you were spared again!!!


Date 5/12/2021

I agree with Mr. G! Your Guardian Angels was on duty that day for sure. Poor pups, though. Bless their little hearts. They must have little angels as well.

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