Peter Monticup Says...
Welcome To MagicTricks.com!

Shopping for magic tricks should be FUN and EASY!
And fun is what you'll have when you shop with me!

I've been in the magic business for over 50 years.
I've been a professional magician for decades, and I've owned numerous magic shops on the East Coast. My experience tells me what works and what doesn't work for the magician.
Each trick carried by MagicTricks.com has been carefully chosen for its ease of handling, and its WOW factor.
We don't carry every trick, but we do carry the BEST tricks!

Nearly every single trick has a demo video, so you can actually watch the trick being performed. By me. No camera tricks!

You'll find a useful menu at the top of every page, so you can easily find tricks by category, by type of show you are performing, and by appropriate age and skill levels.

Of course, you can also use our Quick Contact Form, or call me at 540-832-0900, and I will be happy to PERSONALLY help you choose what you need.

And I have a "No Fooling" Guarantee!
Order with confidence- if there is a problem, I'll fix it right away for you- just like magic!

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