An unusual origami type card prediction!



Watch this unusual comedy card prediction unfold!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Just when they think you don't know their card...!


Delight your spectator as this clever card prediction unfolds!
Easy to do, and plays really big!

Your audience will love it when they think they have you stumped!
Let your spectator choose a card and keep it hidden- you are going to reveal the name of that card.
You take out a folded brochure.
When you open the brochure, it shows a picture of the Joker card.
Is that the chosen card? NO!
You fold up the brochure, then unfold it again.
You assure your spectator that this time, the image of their card is indeed on the brochure.
When you open the brochure, the image has CHANGED!
It is now an image of EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 52 cards in the deck!

But now you get down to business.
Close the brochure, then open it one more time.
This time, you ask the spectator to show their chosen card.
When you open the brochure for the third time-
the image has changed AGAIN!
The card shown MATCHES the spectator's chosen card!

This wonderful effect was made for us by the ingenius Watt Hyer.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Watt's What card
  • easy printed instructions

You supply an ordinary card deck.

You need to know how to "force" a card to do this trick.
Please click the "Tips" box above for video instruction on an easy card force you can do.

Tips & Ideas

How To Do an Easy Card Force:

Here is a FREE video lesson to teach you an EASY way to force a card, called the Cross Cut Force. Use this force anytime you need to control the selection of a card- it fools them every time!
For this trick, you'll need to "force" a card on your spectator. In other words, you need to make it seem like he has a free choice, but really you are making him take the card that you need him to take. There are many ways to force a card, including the Cross Cut Force. We also carry several books and DVDs to teach you the different methods.

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