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Water Suspension
Pour water into a tube- the water stays suspended until you want to pour it out!

Water Suspension


Pour water into a tube- the liquid stays suspended until you pour it out!

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Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Totally incredible! VERY EASY TO DO!
And yes- it's REAL water!

This is the LARGE deluxe version!
Don't compare this to the tiny size sold elsewhere- this one is BIG!
Meant to be performed for a crowd!

Perfect for a talent show!

Drop the clear plastic glass through the tube to prove that it's empty.
Next, pour some water (or any liquid) into the tube.
The water stays suspended inside the tube- it doesn't come out from the bottom, as you would expect!

Push the clear plastic glass through the tube again- the glass is now filled with the water!

This is a great trick for presenting in front of a group.
It is not meant to perform if your spectators are positioned right next to you.
Do this one in a classroom or in front of an audience.

This effect uses real liquid, so be aware that there might be some spilling (as you see in the demo).

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