Water Lota Bowls + BONUS VIDEO
Pour water again and again from two BIG empty bowls!

Water Lota Bowls + BONUS VIDEO


Pour water again and again from two BIG empty bowls!
BONUS: exclusive video How To Fill the Water Bowls!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Big bowls pour water from the air!

What an amazing effect!
And there are SO MANY ways you can present it!
Perfect for theatrical productions!

How about this:
Start with two BIG bowls full of water.
Pour the water out of both bowls, emptying them.
Then, pour water from one bowl into another.
WHAT? Where did that water come from??
Go ahead and pour MORE water from that bowl into the other one.
And again! And again!
Then, empty out both bowls.
Pick up the second bowl- and pour water from that one into the first one!
And on and on!

These wonderful bowls hold a great deal of water, letting you do a long routine of pouring water from seemingly empty bowls!

VERY VERY EASY! No skill needed!

And this one comes with Monticup's BONUS INSTRUCTION video- showing you EXACTLY how to fill the bowls and and operate them smoothly!

We sell a SMALLER size version of this effect called WATER FROM ABOVE BOWLS.

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