SOLD Vintage Mystery Wand PREOWNED

SOLD Vintage Mystery Wand PREOWNED


A mystery wand- what does it do?





We are not really sure what this wand does!
This wand is circa 1930, was made by a well-known magic manufacturer, and came from the collection of a vaudeville magician.

The collection was recently sold to us by the magician's grandson, who thinks the wand will be better appreciated by you magicians.
Grab this magical prop now- we only have this ONE AVAILABLE!

A magician isn't a magician without a wand.
This one has been a part of many performances.

Aside from being a professional magician's wand, this wand is also apparently a magic trick.
It comes with two sleeves that fit over the wand.
But no instructions!
So we are not sure what it does!

The wand was made by John Snyder, Jr. of Norwood, Ohio.
John Snyder, Jr. (1888-1946) was president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (1939-1941), as well as a magic creator and manufacturer.
He is most known for creating FOX LAKE playing cards.

The wand is STILL stored in its original mailing tube.
It's vintage, so it's seen some use.

Condition: both the wand and the box show wear- see the photos.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Vintage Snyder Wood Wand PREOWNED
  • no instructions

CONDITION: both the wand and the box show wear- see the photos.
Wand is painted wood. Approximately 8".
Mailing tube is cardboard.

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