SOLD Stillwell's Paper Napkin Mystery - VINTAGE MANUSCRIPT

SOLD Stillwell's Paper Napkin Mystery - VINTAGE MANUSCRIPT


Vintage 1918 Thayer Eureka Magical Series manuscript!





This is a vintage Thayer manuscript that is VERY DESIRABLE and HARD TO FIND.

We could not find any other manuscripts from this series available on the Internet.
The only other manuscript recently sold that we could find (in the last five years) went for $35.00 in a California auction.

We recommend that you do a search for yourself to verify that our price is a real bargain.

Thayer Magic Company was founded by Floyd G. Thayer in 1907 and made magical apparatus into the 1930's.
Famous for manufacturing some of the finest (and most collectible) magic props and tables, Thayer also sold illusion plans and trick instructions.
Thayer's Eureka Magical Series was printed in 1918, and included this trick as well as "The New Four Ace combination", "Chevalier's Rope Escape", and "A New Mystical Coin Act".

The "Stillwell" in the title of the manuscript refers to George Stillwell.
George Stillwell (c.1874-1934) was an Australian magician known as the Handkerchief King for his Handkerchief Manipulation Act.
He created a handkerchief ball gimmick for his act, that came to be known as the "Stillwell Ball".
The principle of his thumb loop to steal silks is still used by many magicians today.

The performer steps forward holding a tissue paper napkin in his hand.
He shows same on both sides, then tears it into a number of pieces which he rolls into a ball.
This he touches with his wand, when the napkin is found to be restored.

The performer then offers to show the audience how the trick is accomplished.
A second paper napkin is shown, rolled into the ball, and the performer demonstrates how he conceals it.

Then a third napkin is taken and torn into a number of pieces, the performer stating that he will exchange the ball of torn pieces for the whole one, and he demonstrates how this is done.

One ball is then unrolled and found to be whole.
Naturally the audience think that the other ball is the torn pieces, but when it is unrolled, a whole napkin is found instead.

This surprise finish is the hit of the trick and leaves the audience more bewildered than ever.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Stillwell's Paper Napkin Mystery manuscript

This is an OUT OF PRINT book.

CONDITION: delicate. The cover is paper, and it has dried and is chipping at the edges.
The five inside pages are in great condition.
The manuscript was printed from typed pages, with a 1918-era typewriter, which is tricky to read.

AUTHOR: Thayer's Eureka Magical Series
PUBLISHED: 1918 by Thayer Magic
Softbound. 5 pages.

Product photo above is actual photo of the manuscript you'll get.

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