SOLD CATALOG - Abbott's Magic No. 17
Abbott's Catalog No. 17

SOLD CATALOG - Abbott's Magic No. 17


Original vintage "magician's dream book" catalog





Abbotts Magic catalogs are VERY COLLECTIBLE and HARD TO FIND.
Currently, this catalog sells for $78.99 to $79.69 on the Internet.

The Abbott Magic Novelty Company was formed in late 1933 by Percy Abbott.
Its most prosperous years spanned 1939-1953, under the guidance of Percy Abbott (through 1959) and then Recil Bordner (until his death in 1981) and then Recil's son, Greg Bordner.
Abbott's is still in business today, though it has been nearly 20 years since they printed a catalog.

This is Catalog Number 17, published in 1960.
This is the first catalog published by Recil Bordner, as Percy Abbott passed away in 1960.

Abbott's catalogs are often called "magician's dream books" because they are chock full of hundreds of pages of amazing tricks and illusions that many magicians dreamed of owning and performing.
And just look at the prices!
You'll be dreaming that you could have owned these illusions at these prices!

Not only is this catalog entertaining reading, it is also an excellent resource.
Ever come across the name of an old effect or illusion, but you had no idea know what the trick did?
Pro magicians often use these vintage catalogs to research historical magic effects.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Abbott's Magic Catalog No. 17

This is a vintage OUT OF PRINT catalog.

CONDITION: fair. Cover is faded and worn.
Ink on cover and pencil notes on many inside pages.
Pages are very loose, some have separated from spine.

PUBLISHED: 1960 by Abbott's Magic
Softbound. 400 pages with lots of illustrations and photos.

Product photo above is an actual photo of the book you'll get.

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