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Santa Ventriloquist Puppet
Your new magic partner in ventriloquism! Ho ho ho!

Santa Ventriloquist Puppet


Your new magic partner in ventriloquism! Ho ho ho!

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Ages 10 and up   Level 2

The magic of Christmas and ventriloquism!

You are never too young- or too old- to become a ventriloquist yourself!

All you need is a puppet!
And how about this funny Santa character!
Perfect for the beginner, he is just waiting for you to make him part of your holiday magic routine.
Think of all the fun you will have when the two of you perform in the next Christmas show!

This Santa puppet is made of soft cloth, with full classic Santa Claus costume, a bag for goodies and a delightful facial expression.

Small enough and soft enough for a child to operate!
Easy to pack for the adult ventriloquist!

Soft cloth puppets are the easiest to operate.
No levers or buttons or strings to confuse you.
Just a pocket in the back for your hand, and you are ready to go!

Ventriloquism is all about YOUR personality, YOUR performance.
EXCLUSIVE! We include a booklet to get you started with the very basics.
But you will want to go on YouTube and watch some of the thousands of free instruction videos you'll find there.

Who knows- YOU may be the next ventriloquist star!

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