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Ephemera and Paper

Authentic Magic Ephemera and Paper

REAL vintage collectible magic ephemera and paper!

Genuine items owned and used by famous magicians. "Ephemera" includes any items that were meant to be used up or discarded. Until the second half of the 20th century, the hobby of collecting was not anywhere as popular as it is now, and many, if not most promotional items were thrown away. That's why such items are highly prized today. Many of these items are still in near-mint condition, and some are extremely hard to find. Have a favorite magician? Here's your chance to own a piece of magic history!

Because most items are the only ones we have in our inventory, when someone buys them, they're gone. If you don't see any items listed below, we've sold out for now. Please check back, though- we frequently add new items. And if you are looking for a particular item, or for items related to a particular magician, just contact us- we just might have something of interest hidden in the vault!

Below you'll find the individual items listed in this category:
Houdini Postage Stamps (Full Sheet of 20)
Real U.S. postage stamps with a built-in magic trick! Uncut sheet of 20
Suggested Retail: $45.00
Buy here- you'll save $25.01
YOUR PRICE: $19.99
Houdini Envelope - from Harry E. Tudor, Aviator
Envelope found in Houdini's desk - from a famous aviator and showman
Suggested Retail: $125.00
Buy here- you'll save $30.00
YOUR PRICE: $95.00
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