Vanishing Wand
Vanish a magic wand instantly! Comes with extra wand and shells

Vanishing Wand


Vanish a magic wand instantly!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Choose Options and Quantity

Add an extra set of shells?
6 extra shells [+$2.99]
12 extra shells [+$5.75]
24 extra shells [+$11.50]

It's here! It's GONE!

Official magician's black wand instantly vanishes at your command!

Pick up this wand, and even rap it against a table or chair to prove it is solid.
Wrap up the wand in an ordinary piece of newspaper.
You can even let your spectator feel the wand inside the newspaper.
Tear the newspaper into pieces- the wand is GONE!
If you want, you can then produce the wand again from another location (like inside your jacket, etc.).

You'll get everything you need, including an extra wand for reproduction.

You will use a wand shell every time you perform this effect.
Shells are NOT reuseable.

This trick comes with SIX wand shells.
Extra wand shells are available from
SAVE! Order extra shells when you purchase the wand, and save money!

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