Vanishing Sports Drink Bottle- CLEAR EMPTY
Drink the sports drink, then vanish the bottle!

Vanishing Sports Drink Bottle- CLEAR EMPTY


Drink the sports drink, then vanish the empty bottle!


Ages 13 and up   Level 1

Super amazing version of the Vanishing Bottle trick!

Great way to recycle!
Get rid of your empty bottle just by putting the bottle into an ordinary paper bag, then crushing the bag into a small ball and tossing it away! What??!!

You can actually start with a FULL bottle, drink the REAL liquid, and then make the bottle vanish!

If you are familiar with the way Vanishing Bottles normally work, you will be totally impressed with how different this one is!

  • Looks like real glass!
  • NO MESS - NO SPILLS! No liquid needed!
  • If you do use liquid first, you can CHOOSE YOUR OWN COLOR liquid using food coloring!

The Vanishing Bottle effect has been a popular one for many decades.
It seems so impossible! Yet it is incredibly easy.

This bottle is made of latex rubber, realistically detailed to look just like those bottles of sports drinks.
The high quality rubber construction makes the bottle able to be compressed into a small shape, hidden in a paper bag ball, for example.

You can easily change the label for another brand, such as Gatorade or Powerade.
Just soak the label off a real sports drink bottle, dry it out flat, then glue it onto this Vanishing Bottle.

Like any rubber or plastic product, this WILL melt if exposed to high heat. Don't leave it in a hot car, or in a hot attic, or in the sun, etc.

We carry this Vanishing Sports Drink bottle in three versions: EMPTY bottle, FULL bottle, and HALF FULL bottle.

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