Vanishing Coin in Glass
Let your spectator drop the quarter into the glass- it's GONE!

Vanishing Coin in Glass


Let your spectator drop the quarter into the glass- it's GONE!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

What a clever way to vanish a coin!


Need to vanish a quarter so you can make it reappear using another effect?
This is your answer!

And it's so easy!

Simply borrow a quarter, and place it under any piece of cloth- a silk scarf, a bandanna, even a dinner napkin.
Let your spectator hold on to the coin through the cloth.
He can absolutely feel the coin between his fingers!
Next, take a small plastic glass full of water, and hold the glass underneath the coin.
At your signal, have the spectator let go of the coin.
It can be heard dropping into the glass of liquid.
But when you take the cloth away- the coin is nowhere to be seen!
The glass is still full of water- but WHERE IS THE QUARTER??
You can even pour the water out of the glass, leaving the glass empty- no quarter!

The coin can either disappear forever, or you can use another trick, like the Magic Coin Box or the Coin Nest, to make the coin reappear again.
You can make a complete routine out of the two tricks.

You can even make the GLASS OF LIQUID vanish after you make the coin vanish!
Just do the Vanishing Coin in Glass effect and follow it with the Vanishing Glass and Liquid effect.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Do not put the coin or gimmick in your mouth. Not suitable for children under 5 years of age.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Vanishing Coin In Glass trick (plastic shotglass and gimmick)
  • printed instructions

You supply the borrowed coin, the handkerchief and the liquid.

Tips & Ideas

Performance Ideas:

Use this effect as part of a whole routine, by making the quarter vanish, then make it reappear using another effect.
With a little bit of preparation, you can perform an incredible after dinner trick. Imagine making the coin vanish in the glass of liquid, then asking your spectator to open a sealed sugar packet that's been on the table the whole time. When he rips open the packet, the coin is inside! All you need to do is to prepare a sugar packet in advance. Since most restaurants offer Splenda, that is a good choice to prepare. At home, carefully open a Splenda packet by peeling the edges of the packet apart. Put a quarter inside, then glue the packet sealed again. When you get to the table, secretly put the prepared packet into the holder with the rest of the regular sugar packets. Now you are set to do the trick later after dinner.


Q: How good is this trick? I used to have one and it worked great. Online viewers are giving the ones sold on other magic sites bad ratings because the gimmick they are selling doesn't fit correctly. (too big or too little) Give me your honest recommendation. Thanks,
Asked by: Joseph - 7/17/2015
A: We inspect every gimmick before we send it out.
We make sure the gimmick fits properly.
It's a great little effect- especially for the price! Answer provided by: (7/17/2016)

Customer Reviews

vanishing coin in glass
works great. great effect. the spectators cannt figure out how it works. my disc fits fine.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from MI. on 8/11/2015
My Vanishing Coin is Junk
Got this from another vendor who claimed the disk was glass. it wasn't. It is plastic and floats before sinking. Not only that, mine does not fit the shot glass that comes with this trick. What a joke! Not magical at all. Wish I bought it here. says: Sorry you had a bad experience with another store. We do tell you that this item is plastic (it is an inexpensive trick) but even so, we check to make sure that the gimmick fits the container before we send it to you.
Reviewed by:  from TX. on 10/4/2014

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