Vanishing Candy
Vanish a roll of candies, and change them into a colorful silk streamer!

Vanishing Candy


Vanish a roll of candies- change them into a colorful silk streamer!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Everyone loves candy!


This one is SO EASY!
Just like it shows in the video, if you can put the candy into the tube, you can do the trick!

There are a number of different ways you can present this.
The basic effect is this: Show your spectator an empty brass tube, a brass lid, and a roll of Lifesavers candy.
Place the candy into the brass tube, and cover it with the lid.
Your spectator removes the lid, only to find that the candy has vanished, and in its place is a rainbow colored streamer!

The streamer IS INCLUDED with the trick, but you don't have to use it every time.
Instead of vanishing the candy and producing the streamer, you can just make the candy disappear, leaving an empty tube.
Or, you can make the Lifesavers vanish and change to M&Ms.

You can even use this as a Bill Tube, as shown in the video below.
Borrow a bill from your spectator, have him sign the bill with a pen, make the bill vanish in your favorite way.
Then as "payment" for the vanished bill, put the Lifesavers into the tube and give that to your spectator.
When the spectator opens the tube, inside is the borrowed bill, complete with his signature!

The Lifesavers roll exactly matches a real roll of candy.
When the paper wears out from constant use (and you WILL be using this one a lot!), simply replace the paper with the wrapper from a real roll of Lifesavers candy.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Vanishing Candy trick (metal tube, metal cap plus 34-inch Rainbow Silk Streamer)
  • printed instructions with illustrations
  • manufacturer's online video instruction (link is on product packaging)

And that's all you need!

Tips & Ideas


More Video

History and Trivia:

Lifesavers candy was invented in 1912 by Clarence Crane, a chocolate maker looking for a product to sell during the hot summer months. He considered hard mints, then imported from Europe in a square shape. His innovation was to use a pharmacy pill cutter to cut the mints into round shapes, then punch a hole in the middle with a second cutter. The design reminded customers of the new innovation used by boaters- the floatation device with a hole in the middle, called a Life Saver. On top of that, the new candy became popular for its own safety feature. Customers who sucked on hard candy sometimes inhaled too hard, and the candy could become lodged in the throat, causing choking. The hole in the Lifesavers candy allowed air to pass through, even if the candy was swallowed whole, thus acting as a real "lifesaver" to choking victims.

Interested in magic history?
Visit our free online Magic Library, full of biographies of famous magicians plus lots of magic history and trivia!

Customer Reviews

Lifesavers are always fun...
Very easy to perform, kids and adults alike love it, the 'gimmick' allows for different variations of the trick. It's always a benefit to be able to perform multiple tricks with one gimmick. Set up is easy and the manufacturing quality is excellent. many benefits makes this a huge value and Vanishing Candy would be a great addition to any show/magic collection. Yes, it is ~$43.00, which I acknowledge can be pricey to the average hobbyist. In the realm of most magic, it's about midrange pricewise. However, this will last you forever. I recommend it highly! I promise, it will not go into a junk drawer.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from CA. on 8/27/2015

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