Vanishing Bandana With CD + BONUS
Hilarious comedy routine involving a banana!

Vanishing Bandana With CD + BONUS


Roll 'em in the aisles with this hilarious comedy routine involving a banana!
BONUS: You'll get an UPGRADED Vanishing Cloth!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Demo Video


The funniest magic trick we've EVER seen!


Messy, messy, messy- and the kids just love it!
The reaction you'll get will be INCREDIBLE- guaranteed!

Explain that you just received a new trick in the mail, but have not had time to practice it or even read the instructions.
In fact, you trusted a friend to gather everything you need for the trick, and he gave you a box.
Bring out the box, and open it, taking out a CD and a real banana.
Put the CD in a player, and (following the spoken instructions that you are apparently hearing for the first time) proceed to perform the Vanishing Bandana trick.
And that is where the hilarity begins!

The voice on the CD instructs you to take the bandana and fold it in half.
Oops! Too late, you realize that your box contained a BANANA, not a bandana!
But you bravely go on with the trick anyway, following the increasingly hilarious (and messy!) instructions.

Amazingly, at the end of the trick, you do indeed vanish the banana, and make it reappear, fully restored, in the previously empty box.
Your audience will be rolling in the aisles!

And you'll get a BONUS!
We UPGRADE the Vanishing Cloth that comes from the manufacturer!

You'll get a LARGER and MORE COLORFUL cloth when you buy this trick from!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Vanishing Bandana trick (box, vanishing cloth and CD)
  • basic printed instructions

You supply the real banana.
A shipping label is supplied to apply to your box.
You also need a CD player (and an amplifier if you are performing for a large group).

The voice on the CD is a female voice.
The color and pattern of fabric for the vanishing cloth may vary.

Tips & Ideas

Performance Ideas:

Establishing the Bandana
If you think your audience (especially children) will not know what a BANDANA handkerchief is, use a bandana in a previous trick.
For example, put a "Magic Bandana" on the head of a volunteer who helps you in an earlier trick.
As you put the bandana on the volunteer's head, just make sure to call it a bandana.
Later, when you do the Vanishing Bandana trick, they will make the connection and you will be sure that your audience gets the wordplay joke.

When To Perform:
Peter Monticup recommends performing this one toward the end of your show.
It is SO FUNNY that it will be hard to top!
Peter usually follows this effect with one final "wrapup" effect that is fast but has a nice "pop" factor to close the show, such as Surprising Dots

Containing the Messy Banana:
Peter Monticup recommends inserting a disposable ZipLoc type plastic bag into the Vanishing Cloth before using it.
You will be putting the banana into the plastic bag as you place it into the cloth.
That way, when you squash the banana, all the mess will stay in the bag and not get on your cloth.
After your performance, you can simply remove the plastic bag and throw it away. No mess!


Customer Reviews

Funniest trick
Who would have thought that a trick could be this funny? Every time I perform this trick, I think somebody in my audience will pee their pants with laughter. Most of the time I end my show with this trick, because it gets such a big reaction. It is hard to top this one. If you are a kid show performer or a comedy magician of any kind you are missing out if you are not using this one.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from DC. on 8/22/2015
This is a great routine that requires very little practice (Mostly for timing, the gimmick is easy). If you're looking for a funny routine that will work for kids or adults then this is for you.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from CA. on 6/19/2015

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