Some ideas for putting some magic into your Valentine's Day...


You may already own a trick or two that is perfect for Valentine's Day!
And if you don't, you know that has just what you need- LOL!)

Any trick with a "hearts" theme.
This can be as simple as performing a card trick with Hearts, or a trick that results in forcing your unsuspecting spectator to choose a Heart card.
Or you can use a trick that has props in the shape of Hearts, like our Sponge Hearts or Miracle Heart (see below).

Any trick with a "flowers" theme.
Think of using any of our flower effects, like the Blooming Blossom or the Spring Flowers, to surprise your spectator.
Or, you can actually produce a REAL flower using a prop like the Magic Candy Box or the Triangle Production Box (see below).
If you need a flower to produce, try the Flowers From Fingertips, the Flower Boxes, or a sleeve bouquet.

Any trick with a "romance" theme.
Valentine's Day is the perfect time for giving a gift of love and appreciation- or even proposing.
Consider a small box like the Double Lock Box to make a surprise ring presentation, for example.

Any trick with a "candy" theme.
Everybody likes candy!
Containers like the Magic Candy Box or the Candy Factory are a fun way to turn sugar into candy- or just magicall produce it from nowhere!


You don't need commercial props to make magic on Valentine's Day.
You can use ordinary objects- and a bit of showmanship!

We have a free magic lesson on performing the Amazing M&M trick that you can watch here.
Just change the M&Ms for some of those little candy hearts with messages on them, and PRESTO- it's a Valentine trick!

This is an easy-to-make, easy-to-perform version of a mindreading classic.
The effect is that you show your spectator three different candies- you can use those little snack size ones- just make them three different flavors.
Let's say a Hershey's Kiss, a Peppermint Patty, and a Snickers.
Tell your spectator you have already written a note predicting which candy she will choose.
Then ask her to choose one of the candies- she can even eat it if she wants!
Immediately you reach into your pocket and pull out a paper that names the correct candy that was chosen.
The secret: You actually write three different predictions, each one naming a different candy.
You put the three predictions in three different pockets.
Then after she names the candy out loud, all you have to do is reach into the pocket that has the paper that names THAT candy.
Don't let on that you have three papers! :-)
If you are so inclined to make this a romantic trick, you can add some flowerly prose to the prediction! :-)

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