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SOLD Sensational Mentalism Part Four (Various) - USED BOOK
Sensational Mentalism

SOLD Sensational Mentalism Part Four (Various) - USED BOOK


30 terrific mentalism routines!

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This out-of-print book is HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE and is the hardest to find volume in the series.

All available copies we could locate on the Internet ranged from $14.95 up to $25.00.
We recommend that you do a search for yourself to verify that our price is a real bargain.

The fourth volume In the series presents over thirty additional mental routines, again directed to the professional mentalist. The book includes tests, design duplication, divinations, predictions, spirit photography and various presentations of extra sensory perception.

Some of the contributors for this volume are Phil Goldstein, Bob Mason, Jerry Fulton, Steve Skomp, Stephen Minch, John Sherwood, Arthur Setterington and Dirk Minnebo.

The Master Key Book Test by Jack Bastow
SHE by Al Mann
The Book Nook Prophesy by Al Mann
The Powers That Be by Al Mann
The Paperback Mental Test by Amazing Maurice
Design In Duplicate by Amazing Maurice
A Timely Force by Syd Bergson
The Psychic Touch by Norm Johnstone
Twin Thoughts by Richard Lyn
Heat Waves by Larry Thornton
Simplex Book Test by Al LaCoste
Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum by Jerry Fulton
Fantastic Double ESP Prediction by Bob Tripp
Eventuality by Stephen Minch
Framed Heart Wave Images by Warren Wexler
Tarot Feature by David Ray
A Closing Combination by Jack Dean
Deciphering by Dirk Minnebo
Inner-Most Secret by Arthur Setterington
Sense-A-Symbol by Bob Mason
Yesterday I Predicted by Warren Wexler
Impromptu Gemini Minds by Max Abrams
Silent Shock by North Bigbee
Stunning Mentality by Henry Bohlen
You Were There by Jack Dean
The ESP Touch by James Swoger
Three Mental Quickies by Steve Skomp
Triple Cannister Prediction by Jerry Fulton
Lux Fiat by John Sherwood
Double Feature by Phil Goldstein

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Sensational Mentalism Part Four by William V. Rauscher

This is an OUT OF PRINT book.

CONDITION: good- some cover marks, some age yellowing. Cover page has been signed by the members of a local magic club, apparently the book was a gift to a fellow member.

AUTHOR: various
PUBLISHED: 1977 by Micky Hades International
Spiral bound. 66 pages.

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