SOLD Full Plans for ROLON TABLE (Supreme Magic) - USED BOOK

SOLD Full Plans for ROLON TABLE (Supreme Magic) - USED BOOK


Build your own carry case and performance table combo!






Offered here for LOWER than the reprint price we could find elsewhere online!

Originally published nearly 50 years ago by Supreme Magic in England, this manuscript shows plans for building your own combination carry case and performance table.
This book was so popular that it has recently been reprinted and is currently on the market with a different cover by the same contents.
The reprint is selling for $10-$15.

From the publisher:
"At last! This is it!
You can carry your Act to your next date and actually set up right in front of the audience.
Your props may be pre-set at home.
In fact, the audience will marvel at the simplicity of your setting up.
The case becomes the table for the act, and the table becomes the case for your exit.
Use it as the final effect for a walk off to a big hand!
Less than thirty seconds to set up and ready to go!
This manuscript shows how you can make your own Rolon Table at little cost."

CONDITION: very good, but manuscript has a dent in the top left corner.
Pencil price of $9 in upper right corner of cover.
You will receive the exact book in the photo.

Stapled manuscript. 8 single sided typewritten pages with illustrations.
Please note: it has been our experience that plans of this type require an experienced woodworker.
These are the AMERICAN plans, with measurements in inches.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • American ROLON Table Plans by Supreme Magic

This is a gently used book.

CONDITION: very good, dust jacket has some minor dents on the back side
You will receive the exact book in the photo

AUTHOR: Lawrence Hass
PUBLISHED: 2007 by Theory and Art Of Magic
Hardbound with dust jacket. 183 pages.

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