SOLD Micro-Mental Miracles (White) - USED BOOK

SOLD Micro-Mental Miracles (White) - USED BOOK


Mentalism from the World's Smallest Magician!





This out-of-print book is HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE and VERY HARD TO FIND.

All available copies we could locate on the Internet ranged from $22.95 up to $45.00
We recommend that you do a search for yourself to verify that our price is a real bargain.

Joseph White (1925-2001), known most famously as The Midget Magician, was a magician and mentalist.
Being only four feet, four inches tall he regularly joked about his size, with lines like "I'm never short on jokes… but I am short".
White used many different names throughout his career: Little Joe White, Micro, Puzzles the Clown, Little Oscar, Prince Tiny, Midget Magician, The World's Smallest Magician, and The World's Smallest Magician and Mentalist.
Publishing this book to solid reviews in 1965, he also had some success with a miniature magic kit that he marketed in the late 1960s.

Original and sensational mental effects from the creative mind of Joseph M. White.
Twenty-one fully detailed routines and practical ideas requiring no elaborate apparatus or technical skill.
This is an invaluable source of practical information for the presentation of apparent mental miracles.

Contents include:
New Dr."Q" Slate Routine
Spirit Knocks, Raps, & Toots
Scotch Tape Card Vanish
Novel Clipboard and Envelope Routines
Ectoplasmic Manifestations
Crystal Ball Stand
ESPecially For You
Acey Deucey
Ashes of Tom Thumb
My Book Test
Think of A Card--Any Card
The Mentalist is No Dummy
Two For the Record
The Spirit Slate
Slate & Chalk Mystery
The Breath of Prophecy
A Prediction in Smoke
Four in One Prediction
and many more!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Micro-Mental Miracles

This is an OUT OF PRINT book.

CONDITION: very good

AUTHOR: Joseph M. White
PUBLISHED: 1965 by Micky Hades
Softbound. 73 pages.

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