SOLD Maleficium (Prater) - USED BOOK

SOLD Maleficium (Prater) - USED BOOK


Props and routines for Bizarre Magic performances!





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This is a collection of effects that I have created.
Some of them were created for specific occasions and a few were created especially for this book.
As you will see as you read, virtually nothing from the magic store is needed to present these effects.
I enjoy making my own props and most of these effects will require that you make your own props.
Furthermore, I always found it frustrating to buy a book on magic and find that to perform many of the effects; it would require you to buy magic props.

That isn't the case with this book.
I enjoy writing out the process for an effect and I have to have a script.
As I prepare a new piece I have to sit down and type out everything.
It forces me to think out the routine in my head.
Creating a script gives me much better stories than simply trying to wing it.
Having a script is also a lot more entertaining, then saying "ok, now I do this and then I do that."
Since, I do this with every effect I create; I figured that I should compile them and get them out there to all who may be interested.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Maleficium by Paul A. Prater

This is a gently used book.

CONDITION: excellent

AUTHOR: Paul A. Prater
PUBLISHED: 2009 by Leaping Lizards Publishing
Softbound. 185 pages.

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