Magic Mirror (Neale) - USED BOOK
Thirteen VERY unusual routines!

Magic Mirror (Neale) - USED BOOK


Thirteen VERY unusual routines!




Learn some REALLY unusual effects, with insights by Eugene Burger, Max Maven, and David Parr!!

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AUTHOR: Robert E. Neale
PUBLISHED: 2002 by Hermetic Press
Hardbound with dust jacket. 168 pages.

To illustrate his theories on magic, Robert Neale compiled THIRTEEN really unusual magic effect!s
These effects are fully explained in this book, along with some really interesting commentary from legendary esoteric magicians Max Maven, David Parr and Eugene Burger.
You won't see routines like these anywhere else!

Routines include:

  • Baffling Barromean Rings - three permanently interlocked rings change their configuration, even when a spectator holds them to make sure this is impossible
  • The Last Dream - with tombstone-shaped cards, the performer takes his audience on a nightmarish trip through mortality
  • Counting Scarecrows - an origami crow outwits a group of hunters who are guided in their movements by a spectator
  • Whatsabox - a simple cardboard box turns out to be far from simple: first it has an open top and closed bottom, then two tops, then two bottoms, and a ball placed in the box is trapped inside to later be mysteriously released
  • and NINE more amazing routines!

From the publisher:
The Magic Mirror: Reflections on the Nature and Relevance of Magic is an exploration into the innermost workings of performance magic, filtered through the professional sensibilities of co-authors David Parr and Robert Neale.
Dr. Neale insightfully identifies the many kinds of magic.
From this foundation, he creates a method for classifying magical effects by their psychological roots.
Using this system the reader can readily determine the underlying emotional content of an effect and build powerful presentation around it.
This book shows how magic can be comical, serious, thrilling, playful and inspiring.
The ideas in this book are illustrated with tricks using cards, coins, origami, Tarot and other effects.

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